Love, Light, & Darkness
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Delivered By
Tyler Looper
Delivered On
September 8, 2013
Central Passage
Various Scriptures
Salt & Light For Such A Time As This

The knee-jerk reaction of many Christians when they encounter different forms of immorality is to either shrink back or violently attack what they perceive as a threat to their own way of life. Both responses are hypocritical in their nature and quite different from how Jesus has called believers to respond. Immorality is not a threat to the church but an opportunity to permeate the darkness with Light. Far from being the time for the church to develop a bunker mentality, the current wave of immorality in our country compels the church to preach the truth. But how shall we preach, as those afraid? Absolutely not! We are to speak the truth of Christ in love as those who have been transformed by the renewing of our mind so that others may see Christ. Love for Christ drives our faith and stirs the hope of the sexually immoral to find true satisfaction in Christ.