Immanuel, God Is With Us
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Delivered By
Tyler L. Looper
Delivered On
December 2, 2012
Central Passage
Isaiah 7:10-17
Tis' The Season For Reconciliation


No doubt that the excitement of Christmas drawing near has many busy with putting up holiday decor, carving out time for shopping, and crunching the calendar to fit in all the friends and family they want to see this Christmas season. Even in the joyous time that the holiday brings to our families, more often than not the issue of conflict will raise its undesirable head in the midst of what should be a festive occasion. In our latest audio message "Immanuel, God Is With Us" we discover that we are not alone in the midst of the conflicts that life brings us and that the first step in successfully dealing with them is by being reconciled to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. To take that first step in resolving conflict in your life today, listen to "Immanuel, God Is With Us" and be watching for the next message that will show us how conflict is really an opportunity to grow in our knowledge and love for Jesus Christ through mirroring what He has done for us towards others.